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Writing - David of All Trades

Who am I talking to?

Time and again I've come back to the goal of trying to blog more. This always seems like a good idea until I actually get to the point of writing a blog post. Typically a few things are true by that time:

  1. It's super late (like right now, as I write this at midnight).
  2. I probably have no idea what to write about
  3. Or, I've decided to write about some super grandiose topic, like "Risk prioritization" (maybe that post will be here some day).

The biggest trouble in deciding what to write (besides kicking my brain into gear so late) seems to be that I'm not sure who I'm talking to. All day I can respond to support tickets, customer emails, and co-workers and never spend more than a few seconds deciding what to say. Put me in front of some "blank paper" and the paper will typically stay blank.

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