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About - David of All Trades

David of All Trades is the personal blog for David Fritsch. I'm a web developer in San Francisco, working on the partner/WWW teams at CloudFlare. Previously, I ran my own web development company Webity and worked on a online business intelligence tool for real estate agents and brokers Real Estate Ally. David Fritsch

As a freelance programmer, I work from the nitty-gritty debugging code line by line to the conceptual designing database systems. I love working in the full stack of web development tools: Javascript, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, and Ubuntu.

Stumbling on an HTML book in middle school, I have always loved playing with code and making websites. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Science, I found myself shift back to web development and have been here ever since.

Over time, I realized that I love this occupation, because I love to create things. And this passion isn't limited to coding and programming. The majority of the things I think about stem from a need to create.

And as I create things, I find I need others more and more. Whether it is my wife reminding me that the wooden box would be easier to build on a hard surface or a helping hand to fill the garden beds with soil, everything goes more smoothly with a friend. I hope that my musings provide you a bit of advice and support to bring your creation to life.


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